Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cat Cafe.... Not!!!!

Dodai and I had a date yesterday to go to Gilmore Cat Cafe.

We got there at 11:30 but it was still closed. According to the website, it opens at 12.

We went back to the cafe at 12, it was still closed! I gave them a call and they said they will open at 1.

Dodai sent them a message and asked what time will they open, the reply was 12 noon but they will still do maintenance.

We could see a cat running around the place.

It was so disappointing that we were not able to check out the place. We just went to Robinsons Magnolia instead for lunch.

Good thing we had a catch up session with Bibo in her house!

It was better than the Cat Cafe!

This is Tigger! She is so fat and cuddly!!!!! Like me!

She and her family are lovers of 4 legged fur babies!

In fact, she has 17 rescue dogs! Some are outside and the behaved ones are inside the house.

You could pet and play with them! While you are eating, they would lay their heads on your lap.

If you are not attentive enough, they will try their luck and get what's on your plate! Hahahahaha

But Mommy Bibo was on the lookout and told them off. She said they are like children and will test their boundaries.

The cats even have their own room! They have 20 cats.

We had different empanadas for merienda: tuna, chicken and chicken ala king. Cheeseroll, wine and soda!

Thank you! Thank you, Bibo!

The afternoon in your house was such a delight for pet lovers like me and Dodai!




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