Monday, December 14, 2015

FGM's Lechon Night

It was such a wonderful night because FGM ordered lechon.

The clincher?!?

She only invited a few select friends, Jun, Cherry & Hubby, Chacha, Tita and Coach, Ninong and friends.

What does that mean????

More for me!!!!

I was the chop-chop lady for the night!

The skin was so crunchy and the lechon was piping hot! I could not even touch it.

There were lots of other food too.

Baked Salmon

Steamed Shrimps


Lumpiang Shanghai

Pancit Palabok from Amber's

Spaghetti from Amber's. I loved it! Sweet kind with mushy noodles! Just the way I like it!

Grilled Tilapia

Grilled Bangus

Grilled Corn

Dessert selection....

Chocolate cake ordered from Tracy.

Cru's Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

Leche Flan

Amber's Pichi Pichi with cheese

Buko Salad.

It was such a feast for the stomach!!!

I ate lechon skin and ribs to my heart's delight!

Thank you so much, FGM Cindy!

You made me so happy tonight!



  1. That's a lot of food, food, and more food! I'm envious of you, Lia. Nakakagutom ang blog mo. You really are enjoying the holidays and it's not even Christmas yet! - Brent's mom

  2. Hello Brent's Mom! I really enjoyed my self during Lechon night!!! You're right! It's not even Christmas yet!!! How can one go on a diet during the holiday season?!