Monday, November 28, 2016

Lucky Rainbow Dimsum

My favorite restaurant at the moment is Lucky Restaurant on the corner of Pasong Tamo and Don Bosco Sts. across Ziebart.

I have eaten in said restaurant 5 times in a span of 2 weeks.

When I like a certain restaurant, I would go back over and over again until I had my fill and not go back for several years.

I already brought Babita, Cindy, Mona and Corry last week on different occasions.  I usually order the same food.  Over and over and over.

I really love the Birthday Noodles.

My friend, Maya, said she found it a little salty but I told her it is the main reason why I love it so much!  It is so well-seasoned you do not need to add soy sauce anymore.  Plus the fact that it is oily in a good way that you look like you just applied lip gloss after eating it.

Love! Love! Love!  I want to order my own next time. (Next time is tomorrow with Jing.)

Same food (but different photos) I posted last week.... I feel that it deserves its own post.

Hakaw.  Now you see it, now you don't.  They always ran out of stock.  Goes to show how good it is.

I normally do not eat Hakaw but I like their version.


Steamed bean curd roll

Radish Cake!  Loved it, as well.

Lucky Rainbow Spring Rolls.

Vermicelli with Shrimps

Steamed Spareribs.  Another popular dim sum.  It is always out of stock.  Also my favorite.

Steamed Chicken Feet.


Beef Hofan

I wonder when will I get over my dim sum and noodle obsession?

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