Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eating Dates

I had several eating dates these past couple of days.

FGM and I went to Texas Road House in Uptown Mall.  They served complimentary freshly baked bread with cinnamon butter.

I ordered the Buffalo Wings

and Texas Soup, their version of Chili.  I L O V E D it!!!!

Next time, I will order 2 cups.

FGM ordered the steak bites with mashed potatoes

and shared with me the Fries.

This morning, I was still on snooze mode (meaning, after the alarm on my iphone went off, I keep on tapping snooze.) and when I checked my phone, it was lit up like a Christmas tree because there were lots of messages.

I had to answer several phone calls.  Pinky was inviting us for am impromptu lunch date at Uptown Mall.

When she got to my house, I was still in my night gown on my bed under the covers.  Mona was in my house as well.  She was already so cheerful while I was still trying to wake up.  I told her not to talk to me yet because I was not ready to face the world yet.

Then we were able to text Cristina and Dodai to ask if they wanted to join lunch, as well.  Only Cristina could make it. Dodai on the last minute had to decline because of health troubles.

I ordered the Grand Slam American breakfast

and a side order of Belgian Waffles.

Such a huge order for lunch!  All mine!!!

I only ate half of the waffle and 1 piece of pancake.  I should have just ordered one waffle in replacement of 1 pancake.

Then in the late afternoon, FGM picked us up to go to Powerplant mall.

We ate at Chili's.

I forgot to take a picture of the chili I ordered!  I thought I took a photo but apparently, I did not.

Clam chowder for FGM.

Chicken Quesadilla for sharing.

Thank you FGM for the merienda!

This conclude the eating dates I have been having with friends.

Hopefully, more dates to come!!!

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