Saturday, July 4, 2015


I have a new favorite food! It is called Pinakupsan!

They are like Chicharon pellets that when you fry, it "blooms"!

It was Junkie Tricia who first introduced me to this sinful yet delightful manna from heaven!

We can buy it now every Wednesday during KST.

The first few times I tried it, the skin was a bit hard to bite but Tricia said I should try frying it.

And I did!

She gave me a couple of packs, for me and PD.

I let my family try it as well.

The term I am going to use is Pinag agawan!

I cannot think of an English word to describe how my family devoured it!

I practiced cooking Pancit Bam-I for my KST catering stint this Wednesday.

My Kuya loved the Fried Liempo that I cooked!

I was trying to copy the bam-i I ate at Willy's in Boracay.

I just need to buy my favorite Pantai Oyster Sauce because I used a different brand today, that was why the color was a bit dark.

Crossing my fingers it turns out better on Wednesday!