Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ingredients from Bangkok

I used the ingredients from Bangkok that Tita Jit sent me.

Dra. Cristina, Pinky and Mona were my lunch guests.

The shrimp paste was used for the Bagoong Fried Rice.

The Lobo Satay Seasoning Mix and Satay Sauce Mix.

Tita Jit sent me Nam Prik Ong with baby cucumbers, wansuy and spring onions!

She also sent me homemade Nam Prik paste so I can use it anytime.

I asked her to make me a Thai dipping sauce I tried in Phuket.

It's called Nam Pla Wan, a sweet and spicy fruit dipping sauce.

Nam Pla Wan

1 1/2 C. Palm sugar

2-3 T. Fish sauce

1 T. Shrimp paste

1/2 C. Dried shrimps

3 pcs. Shallots, sliced

2 pcs. Chili peppers, chopped

Boil the palm sugar, shrimp paste and fish sauce until the sugar melts.

Add the dried shrimps and reduce the sauce until the consistency is like maple syrup.

Add the shallots and continue cooking for a minute or two,

Lastly, add the chili peppers.

Serve with green mangoes, tart apples or cucumber slices.

Mona cooked Palitaw, a special request of Dra. Cristina.

I was so full from lunch I did not eat dinner anymore!

Ok, I had chips and diet soda.

Ok! OK!

I had nam Prik Ong for midnight snack!

I still have a lot of ingredients in my fridge! Will cook more Thai food in the next few days.


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