Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pinky's Pink Birthday

Today is Pinky's birthday!

Theme for the birthday party .... PINK!

I had to borrow some props from PD!

We even wore pink tops.

Pinky requested for a Diner menu celebration.

Aussie Burgers, Fries, Spaghetti, Hotdog, Boiled corn and Salad.

Pinky brought BBQ from Marcelo!

Yay! Yum!

We also asked her to buy canned sodas for the.....

Rootbeer float! It was only Mona who had the Orange float.

I have been sugar-free for several days now but I could not resist the root beer float.

Eileen, our bar manager always brings ice and drinks for everybody!

Dodai's assignment was the birthday cake!

For those who did not want to bring food to the get together ( Doc Tricia and Doc Bernie, Cabinmates Jodie and Eric, Mona and I), we just divided the cost among ourselves.

Even if we wanted to eat and eat, we could not!!!

Why... Why why???? I wonder why? We were so full!

So many food, so little space.

Our boys for the night! Doc Bernie and Cabinmate Eric.

Lots of little hearts.... To show Pinky how much we love her!

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Pinky!

I hope and pray that you get your birthday wish.



  1. Hi Ma'am Lia! I would like to ask lang po how did you cook the hotdogs? If I am cooking it kase nagkukulubot. Pero yung hotdogs nyo po looks perfect. Thank you po.

    1. Hello Vengieric! I just followed the instructions of Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog written on the package.
      Put the thawed hotdogs in a pan in a single layer. For 1 k. Of hotdog, I added 1/4 C. Of water. When most of the liquid evaporates, add 2 T. Oil. Cook for an additional minute, turning the hotdogs frequently.

    2. Thank you po sa reply Ma'am Lia. Last na lang po: medium or high heat po ba? Thanks again!