Saturday, April 11, 2015

Japanese Potato Salad and Yakitori

My theme for today's lunch was Japanese.

We celebrated the birthday of my nephews, Nicky and Renzo and my niece, Sophie.


I experimented with Japanese Potato Salad. It was so easy!!!!! Everybody loved it!

Japanese Potato Salad

1 K. Jumbo potato, peeled, cubed and boiled in salted water. Cool and set aside.

2 pcs. Small carrots, boiled and sliced into rounds thinly

1 cucumber, cut into quarters, seeds removed and sliced thinly

1 t. Salt for the cucumber

1 hard boiled egg, chopped

1 small red onion, chopped

1 C. Japanese Mayonaise

1 t. Rice wine vinegar

1 t. Fine salt

1 T. Sugar

*Sprinkle 1 t. Salt on the cucumber. Let it stand for 10 minutes then squeeze.

Mash the potatoes coarsely. Add all the ingredients and mix. Chill overnight.

My next experiment was the Negima Yakitori. Chicken with onion leeks brushed with Yakitori Sauce

Negima Yakitori

1 K. Chicken thigh fillet, cubed

White part of onion leeks, cut into 1 inch length

Yakitori sticks

Fine salt

Yakitori Sauce

1/2 C. Kikkoman soysauce

1/4 C. Mirin

1/2 C. Sugar

1/2 t. Chicken powder

1.5 t. Cornstarch diluted in 1 T. Water

Boil all the ingredients except cornstarch. When it has reduced to almost half, add the corn starch slurry. Stir until slightly thick but still pourable.

Skewer the chicken alternately with the onion leeks.


Use a charcoal griller or indoor griller to cook the chicken. Sprinkle a little salt on the chicken.

Cook until the chicken is not pinkish anymore.

Brush with the sauce before serving.

Hermie cooked the "Tonkatsu" and I made Tonkatsu sauce.

Shabu Shabu soup

This is not part of the Japanese menu but I was able to buy chicharon pellets in SM Makati Supermarket.


I just deep fried the pellets.

My 3 birthday celebrants!

They have grown up so fast!!!!

What happened to them?!?! They were just cute little babies then!



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