Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Beautiful March Celebrants

Hello Beautiful Birthday Ladies!

Ompy's birthday was last March 7 and Mawi's birthday was March 30.

We had a picnic today at my Ate's house in Paranaque.

It also served as a Despedida for Sherman who is leaving for his overseas work this Saturday.

Sherman cooked his specialty, Bicol Express!!!!

Whew! Lots of rice again today for everybody.

My potluck contribution was the Brown Adobo.

Corry's assignment was the Palabok from Little Quiapo (My favorite)

And Okoy.

Mariger brought the drinks, chocolate and Mantecado ice cream.

It feels so frustrating at times when you want to eat and eat but you could not anymore because there is no more space in the stomach.

I saw something in FB and would like to share it here in my blog.

It is so apt for the kind of friendship I have with these ladies.

I love you, Ompy and Mawi!

I hope to celebrate more birthdays with you two until we are old and can swap hearing aids by then!!! Ewwwwww!!!





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