Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini Rice Cooker

I have a new rice cooker and it is very small! 1.5 C. Capacity, got it at SM.

I know how to cook almost anything but would you believe I do not know how to cook rice?

Well..... Maybe I used to know how to cook rice but I have forgotten it already.

I was very successful with my attempt!

I just used 1 C (150 grams) of rice.

The yield was more than 2 Cups.

I still had a lot of leftovers because I only eat about half a cup of rice per meal.

I had Adobong Pusit (fresh from Farmer's) with my steamed white rice.

I am mighty proud of myself!



  1. Hi how much is that and what is the brand?

    1. Hi! I am so sorry for the late reply. I just discovered most of the comments are in another folder.

      The brand is Westinghouse and it is 800+.