Monday, April 15, 2013

Garage Sale Breakfast

Cath, Candy and Carla held a garage sale at my house this morning.

Ohhhh hahahaha the first letter of their names starts with "C"!

I was not ready with my things yet so I did not join them. Mona and I were just spectators but not during breakfast!

They brought food to share with everybody.

Cath brought Kesong Puti and Pan de sal.

Carla also brought Pan de sal but the Jumbo ones and bottled Spanish Sardines.

Cabanatuan longasinisa from Candy!

I just opened a can of Delimondo Chili Garlic Corned Beef.

I love breakfast food! Too bad I did not have butter. I told them half a bar of butter can last for 3 months unless I use it for baking.

They were very happy because now they have more space in their closets! Cath's 8 year old daughter, Marta, was such a strict salesperson! No haggling allowed! Hahahaha!

I do enjoy it when I hold garage sales with my friends because I know we are going to eat breakfast until we are about to explode!


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