Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Sophie!

It was the 14th birthday of Sophie yesterday! She was not home for lunch because she was at Bel-Air's Chess Tournament. I told her to come home early but apparently, win or lose, you have to wait for the awarding ceremony.

Her birthday cake was from Dairy Queen.

Her baby brother, Renzo, was so sweet. He said he was going to give her Ate Pia a birthday gift.

He was so excited to the point the he almost could not breathe in anticipation.....

.....waiting expectantly what Sophie's reaction would be.

I told Renzo I would also invite him to my birthday party so I can receive his very special "gift".

Cousin Gilly was Soph's special guest.

My Kuya's birthday gift to Sophie was an Ipad mini.....

And a new bicycle!

Gilly helped her

..... but eventually she learned on her own.

Way to go!

Happy Birthday Sophie!


Saturday Lunch.....

Finally! I was able to eat Inihaw na Liempo!

Hermie was the one who grilled it and I took my anti allergy meds before she fired the grill.

As usual, my family did not eat the meat of the Bulalo soup, just the broth but PD ate the yummy beef marrow!

Mona taught me how to make Pancit Bihon.

My Kuya was surprised it tasted good because I usually do not cook good Pancit. I added my secret ingredient at the end.

Pancit Bihon

1 chicken breast, boiled and flaked

6 C. Chicken broth

500 g. Golden Q Bihon noodles, rinsed but not soaked

Garlic, chopped

Onion, sliced

2 pcs. Chinese sausage, sliced

Carrot, julienned

Green beans, sliced diagonally

Cabbage, shredded

2 pcs. Knorr beef cube

2 T. Knorr seasoning

2 T. Oyster sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

*Secret ingredient

Sauté garlic and onion.

Add the Chinese sausage then the flaked chicken followed by the carrots, beans and cabbage.

Pour the soup stock, season with Knorr beef cube, Knorr seasoning, oyster sauce, salt and pepper.

When vegetables are crisp tender, remove from the broth together with the meat.

When the broth is boiling, add the rinsed Bihon noodles. When cooked, put back the meat and vegetables.

Then add the SECRET ingredient.... 1/4 C Turbo Lechon Kawali oil drippings!

Big difference in taste! Plus.... Pancit was shiny ang glistening with lard!

I always tell my guests about my secret ingredient after they had their fill. Hehehehehe, Paul, Mona's brother is always wary of food coming from my kitchen. He is very health conscious.




  1. Cute ni Renzo! I want your pancit!

    1. Will cook Pancit for you next time with "labay mantika"!