Tuesday, April 16, 2013

IHOP Pancake Syrup

Look what I have?! IHOP Pancake syrup!

I asked my Ate to buy me pancake syrup in the US. I invited a few friends over for brunch.

I cooked pancakes

And Hormel Little Sizzlers.

We had Bacon.... Courtesy of Jing and Mona....

Sam and Michelle brought goodies from Santi's....

Wienerli sausages

And.... Drinks, iced tea and orange juice.

We wiped out the whole spread! I made baby pancakes as opposed to large ones. People tend to eat more if they are smaller.

I do not know why I love breakfast food so much, whether they are pancakes or "tapsilog".

Hahahaha... Maybe because I cannot wake up early enough to enjoy breakfast that is why it is such a novelty for me.



  1. oh wow looks good! you're not the only one who loves breakfast food. ^_^

    1. What is your favorite breakfast food, Vicky?

    2. i go for pancakes, waffles, sausage, egg and all the works. i love breakfast @ mcdo, pancake house and mary grace. i like to end breakfast with something chocolate based.

    3. I also love all the food you mentioned, Vicky!