Thursday, May 24, 2012

Round 2

Today was a particularly easy day for me, nothing much on my calendar.... just watched the live telecast of American Idol this morning.

After the show, I went again to Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant on Macapagal Ave. for Round 2.  I still had a few dim sum I wanted to taste.

Machang - Chicken with Sticky Rice .... Tita Bebet loves Machang! 

It was my very first time to eat Machang and was so surprised I liked it.

I wish Jing was able to join me for lunch, it was good for 2 because the rice was a bit heavy.  Hello?!??!?!  Of course, it would be heavy... sticky rice?!?!?! It was flavorful and delicious.

Pan-fried Radish Cake with XO

Ohhhh ... so yum .... I felt that each cube was fried in butter!!!  LOL Well, it just seemed to be cooked that way but maybe it was the XO that I could taste.

Steamed Chicken Feet

I would love to order this again!!!  The skin of the chicken feet was so tender!  LOL  Was able to suck out all the meat and the bones were left so clean!

And surprise!!!!!  Boiled Peanuts with the sauce!!!! 

I finished the whole thing to the last drop!  LOL I think I must have licked the serving dish.

Shrimp Rice Roll

I like the way  they prepare the shrimps .... so sweet and plump. 

Just like me!!!!

Complimentary Garlic Peanuts 

They extended the 50% off dim sum promo up to June 30!!!  I want to take my Kuya there, also Tita Portia, Mona as well .... and Jing too!  

BUTTTT I want to go with them one at a time! 

Mona wants to be with Jing, but I told her.....

Mona, the dim sum baskets normally contain 4 pieces, I want to eat 2 of each dim sum all the time. If we are three, then I would only able to eat a piece!!!  Hahahahahaha!

Until my next visit .......... to be continued.


  1. your post makes me salivate..... i want to go soon. monday? after work?

  2. They open at 6:30 in the evening after the afternoon break which starts at 2:30 pm. Kuya said we might go on Monday for lunch. And PD and I might eat there also on Sunday.