Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ham with Guava Jelly Pan De Sal

My new favorite snack is Honey Ham with Guava Jelly Pan De Sal sandwich.

I bought ham yesterday to add to the pancit molo I am going to make today.  I only needed a little so I made a sandwich out of the rest.

I saw a bottle of Mountain Fresh Guava Jelly in the fridge and figured, will add to my sandwich. 

Normally, I use Jellied Cranberry Sauce but tried the guava instead.

Much to my surprise, it tasted so gooooood!!!!

Thaw the Magnolia Gold Salted Butter at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to assembling the sandwich so it will spread easily.

Spread a bit of the guava jelly on one side of the bread.

The secret is you have to pile high the thin ham slices.

Take a big bite......  and...... YUM!!!!!

Best eaten with hot coffee or ice cold glass of Coke! Or in my case, Coke light.


  1. wall to wall butter, layers of ham. the best! :) i think i like to have one too. kailan kaya?

  2. sound good! i havent tried guava jelly :)

  3. It is my favorite snack now, pinkcookies.