Thursday, May 24, 2012

Assorted Sandwiches

Tita Portia asked me to prepare assorted sandwiches for her One Day Paper Crafts Course.

Cheese Pimiento and Chicken Sandwiches

Ham with Guava Jelly Pan de Sal

Sophie and Renzo  *helped* me assemble the sandwiches but there was more pilferage than helping! Hahahaha  They particularly loved the Santis Honey Ham.  Renzo, my 6 year-old nephew, asked if I could make the ham sandwich as his baon for his first day of school!  Wow!  And to think before he barely ate!  Now that he is hanging out with his Ate Sophie and Tita Lia ... he is going to get chunkier!!!  Or maybe chubbier?

Hahahahaha Soon .... Karma is a b**ch!

One time, Renzo and I were in the car....

Renzo:  You are chubby.
Lia: Thank you, Renzo!
Renzo: Chubby is NOT beautiful, you know!!!!

Hahahahaha! Where do kids get their ideas?!?!?!

Now ... can you blame me if I do not like kids that much????   LOL But I  still love that little boy.

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