Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant

There is an on-going 50% off dim sum promo at Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant up to May 31 only! 

Yesterday, Mayette and Jon had lunch there and they said the food was delicious.  Of course, I just had to try today!

When I woke up this morning I had a very bad case of Vertigo, I even had to hold on to the door to get my bearings.  After taking Serc, I felt better and off I went to Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant on Macapagal Ave. beside DFA.

I am still in my sio mai obsession ..... so, I got one basket.

Mayette said the Hakaw was big and plump.

The shrimp inside was so fresh!

I always prepare 2 kinds of dipping sauce.... soy sauce and kalamansi and the other one, chili and kalamansi.

The funny thing is .... I would always mix the two after eating a few pieces of the dumplings.  One of my quirks, I suppose.

I also tried the Sio Long Bao....

It was OK but after enjoying the one from Taiwan, it is hard to find a match in taste and texture.

Taro Puff ... my all time deep fried dim sum favorite.

It was served with a savory sauce.

Complimentary boiled peanuts.

They have about 81 kinds of dim sum to choose from! If I can just go back everyday I would! Still a lot I have yet to try!!!!  And I am almost booked till the end of the month!  I hope I can squeeze in one more visit.

I want to eat again at Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant tomorrow!!!!  Who wants to come with me???  My eating partner, Mona, is already a working girl! :(( She does not have time to join me in my adventures anymore.  LOL Please send in your application if you want to be my partner!

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