Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ham and Mushroom Crepes with Cheese Sauce

I experimented today with savory crepes using the recipe of Sophie for the batter.  I looked at several cookbooks for the filling and just came up with a very easy one.

Ham and Mushroom Crepes with Cheese Sauce


1 T. butter
60 gr. ham, chopped
60 gr. mushrooms, chopped

Saute the ham and mushrooms in butter.

Then add the cheese sauce.

Cheese Sauce

1 T. butter
1 T. flour
300 ml. milk
1/2 t. chicken powder
30 gr. quick melt cheese, grated

Melt the butter, then add the flour, keep stirring until the flour has dissolved.  Gradually add the milk.  Season with the chicken powder.  Add the cheese and cook until thick.

Put 1 T. of the filling on the center of the crepe,

then fold like an envelope.

Continue cooking until the crepe is a bit brown.

Serve while hot.

Sophia  loved it!  She said she just did not love it but LOVED! LOVED! LOVED it!

Of course, she is a white sauce kind of person.  I asked Sophia to teach me how to cook her crepes tomorrow.  I really like the way hers turned out.

P.S. (the next day)

Now I  know why the crepes of Sophie are more delicious than mine.

#1 Her non-stick pan is so much better than my pan. Hermie probably used metal cooking utensils.
#2 Sophie told me my crepes were a little undercooked!  No wonder mine tasted like lumpia wrapper!!!  She said, before I flip the crepe over, I have to make sure it is well cooked.  Then the crepes would be light and airy as opposed to dense and rubbery.

Way to go, Soph!

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