Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting to know my neighbors

I have been living in Bel-Air since the late 70s and I still do not know most of my neighbors.  I see them often in Rockwell, we would say Hello or smile at each other and that was it.

Good thing Tita Menchit, Cindy and I decided to get together for chismis and lunch!

I just cooked my Simple Paella and Baked Tahong.

Tita Menchit gave me organics cookies!  They wanted to bring dessert but since I am diabetic, they just opted to give me other things. Cindy gave me a BIG folding fan! Perfect for this hot weather and an Alice Blue scented candle - Boracay Shores!!!  Thank you!

We had so much fun talking about a lot of things ... from Politics.... to sports.... American Idol .... chismis about our neighbors ... the 60 story condo Rockwell is going to build... old people dying.... in-family squabble re: inheritance  .... LOL ... we definitely talked about the topic of the week - impeachment hearing of CJ Corona.... food ... Boracay and so much more!

I am glad I got to know my neighbors.... lol even if they are 4 streets away from me.

We discovered little things about each other... I especially loved the story of Tita Menchit who punched her classmate when she was in Grade One.  Said classmate called her *fat piggy*!!!!  But if you see her now ....  wow she looks so fit and trim .... she goes to the gym everyday.

Cindy and I both agreed that Boracay is such a wonderful place .. where nobody judges you because of your color or size.

I hope they also enjoyed themselves as much as I did!  Our lunch lasted for almost 5 hours!!!  Well ... when you are having fun ... you do not notice the time.

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