Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thai Lunch at the Batcave!

Who can remember the theme song from the cartoon series Batman when we were still kids?!

I can still hear it in my mind! I can even sing it out loud!

Tananananana tanananananana BATMAN!!!!

Jing calls my house the Batcave. Every time she is here, she checks in at FB and writes on her status: I'm at the Batcave!

We invited Adiel to join us for lunch. She is Jing's good friend from AC.

I've met her several times already.

Our food theme was Thai.

I have been practicing/cooking Pad Thai for several weeks now....

I also made Bagoong Fried Rice.

Mona's culinary contribution was the Mango Catfish Salad.

I loved it! It was super, super, super delish! She followed the recipe from my blog.

Jing was in charge of the Chicken Pandan.

She fried it to perfection.

Adiel brought Peachy-Peachy from Arny Dading

With coconut and cheddar cheese.

Yum! MmmmmmmMMMMmmmmm!

Hahahaha I wish I could add sound effects to my post!

Adiel was very happy with the food we cooked for her.

She has been frustrated and disappointed in the past because there are very few good Thai restaurants out there.

I am so glad our cooking passed her standards! She lived in Bangkok for two years when her husband was assigned there.

Until our next cooking and eating session at the Batcave, Adiel!


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