Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Almost Wriggly's Birthday!

Just a few more hours and my baby boy will turn 15 years old!

105 in dog years! Everybody is helping me make him stronger so I could spend more time with him!

Happy gives me lots of treats and vitamins all the time.

This morning, Corry gave Wriggly lots of vitamin B1,6,12!

My JFFs ( Junk Food Friends) celebrated with us today.

I cooked Kare Kare....

Mona asked me to buy Tapa for her from Farmer's...

Tricia... In the spirit of the birthday celebration of Wriggly brought ice cream!

Even though only the humans ate it.

Shey and Cat brought lots and lots of soda! We will save it for our next eating activity at the Batcave.

Can you imagine? A year ago, Wriggly received this very beautiful bed from his Ninang, Happy!

He loves that bed!

Wriggly's naughty moments......

He loves to go up on the dining table!

Wriggly thinks he is a human!

He thought his food would be served to him on the table!

Ohhhh I just love that funny, furry character!

Thank you, Lord for letting me have Wriggly longer!


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