Friday, March 7, 2014

TheFood Bin I love this store!!!!

The Food Bin is a very small store just across the Bel-Air Mercedes gate. It is in the Grilla Building.

Bad idea to let the Junkies lose themselves in Candyland!

I was so excited to the point that most of my pictures are a little blurred because my hands were shaking!

Take a look at how crazy we were inside the tiny store.

The salesgirl let us taste the different spreads....

These two Junkies were already feeling the effects of sugar rush .....

Wish I could buy and eat everything!

Jing! Look! They have Cadbury Spread!


Hershey's Spread

Trader Joe's food stuff....

Several kinds of M & Ms


Chocolate covered potato chips....

Kit Kat

And a whole lot more of delicious treats!



  1. Hi Lia! Wow that's awesome! Thanks for the info. Will pass by soon. ^_^