Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Summertime!

Can you feel the summer heat already?

Sad to say, the cold front has left the Philippines!

It's time to let the spaghetti straps and shorts out of the closet!

It is also time to have a picnic!

Whenever we eat Filipino food.... We call it a picnic!

We always imagine we are by the seaside enjoying the bounty of the ocean.

The nearest "probinsya" looking place is Mona's house in Alabang.

We all brought food for sharing.

While Jing and Sherman were on a video call, she was showing him our lunch.


Switi, (Their private term of endearment hahahaha but not anymore!) look at all our food!

Lia cooked Beef and Pork Ribs Sinigang.....

Mon brought Fried Crabs and....

Baked Mussels.....

Mona's family contributed Adobong Pusit and....

Steamed Suahe...

Marissa, brought Pancit Palabok

The Pork BBQ is From Tricia and I

And at the end of the table is the Lechon!!!!"

Ha Hahahahahaha Sherman laughed and laughed until he was in tears!

I could not stop laughing also! Jing really has a funny sense of humor.

Well.... I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I showed the same photo to a friend of mine and he said, You are the dessert?!?!

Speaking of dessert......

Marissa ordered Mocha Cake from Costa Brava and....

She also brought a box of Lindt Chocolates!

I know I am not allowed to eat cakes but I had 2 servings!

And.... 4 pieces of chocolates!!!!

The real reason why we had the picnic was because Mona is leaving for several months.

She is going on a very long vacation.

We will miss you, Mona!

Don't worry, we will always keep you in mind .....

When we have our Lechon picnic in Bulacan this March....

Mon's swimming and mahjong party this April....

KST recollection at Paseo Uno.... Ahhhh.... I mean Mandarin Oriental...

I will eat your share every time we have KST...

On my birthday luau, I will freeze a part of the Lechon for you....

See how much I am going to miss you?!?!

Have fun and buy me pasalubong!

Don't forget.... I gave you $100..... In Thai currency! Hahahahaha

I'm really going to miss you, Mona!

Hurry home!


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