Friday, March 7, 2014

NOT on a Diet

I am disappointed by my blood sugar test results lately. I am following the wheat-free lifestyle and restraining myself from enjoying all the yummy food and yet I could not bring it down.

To make me sadder than sad..... I just got PD's lab results and her sugar is lower than mine!!!!

I do not know anymore what to do... Maybe I should just follow Jing's advice and buy masking tape.

For my mouth!

I was NOT on a diet yesterday and today.

My lunch guests at The Batcave yesterday were Jing, Mona and Marissa - Jing's sister-in-law from the UK.

I promised to cook for her.

I had to balance my menu, one good and one bad.

Chicken Pochero for Marisa and Mona.... Lechon Kawali for Jing and myself!

Hahahaha I posted in FB that there was no diet at The Batcave yesterday and Mona's cousin commented, "And since was it diet time at the Batcave?"

Jing ordered Buco Pandam from Mona.

Late in the afternoon, my Junk Food Friends and I had a native picnic at The Elysium, Bel-Air.

Shey brought Chicharon Bulaklak

Green mangoes and rice.

Tricia was in charge of the Fried Sinaing na Tulingan and my new favorite, Singkamas-red egg- tomato- wansuy salad. I grilled the Liempo and Mona steamed the Suahe.

I also cooked Pancit Bihon because I had Lechon Kawali drippings!

Mona made another batch of Buco Pandan Salad.

Tita Tess invited me for lunch today together with PD and Eega at Jasmine, New World Hotel.

It was her birthday treat.

I had some dimsum with wheat but not much.

I do not plan to take my blood sugar for a while. I will have to think of ways to improve my situation.

So...... In the meantime.... I am NOT on a diet.

But it does not mean I will go crazy over bread and pastries.


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