Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All You Can Eat Dimsum at Gloriamaris, Greenhills

I guess I am on the right track. My blood sugar was lower this morning than yesterday. I do look a bit puffy and bloated because that is one of the effects of wheat consumption.

Hmmmm would I rather have a big wheat belly with a normal sugar reading or flatter belly but with high blood sugar reading? Can't I have a flat belly and low sugar?

I woke up this morning with a very bad case of ear ache and swollen throat. I had a difficult time swallowing. I immediately went to my ENT doctor, Eusebio Llamas at Makati Med. I hope to feel better soon.

But..... Having a swollen throat did not stop me from enjoying the All You Can Eat Dimsum at Gloriamaris Greenhills!

I texted all my friends in the Greenhills/ Ortigas area if they wanted to have lunch. I was lucky enough to have 2 lunch dates! Bibo and her son, Mickey!

The place was packed. Good thing I got there early. So many dim sum choices. I was not able to take a picture of the buffet because I did not want to inconvenience the people lining up behind me.

My first few plates....

Hakaw, Siomai, taro puff, radish cake, Japanese Siomai, Asado bun.

Next .....

Siomai and chicken feet.

I also tried their soup....

Not in the picture were several pieces of Hakaw again, Ham Suy Kok, Fried shrimp dumpling, Buchi and wanton noodle soup.

The buffet was worth it, value for money. For only 488 pesos you get to eat all the dimsum plus there were also hot dishes like prawn salad, salt and pepper squid, fried chicken and lots of other food. You can also order noodle soups, congee, desserts and other dimsum not in the buffet.

I had fun with my impromptu lunch dates! Bibo and I even had coffee at Toast Box and got to spend the afternoon together!

The next time I am in the Greenhills area.... I am surely going to buzz my friends again!




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