Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey, Mom!

That was my favorite greeting to my Mom when she was sick in the hospital six and a half years ago. As soon as I enter the ICU, I would always say, "Hey, Mom!" And... If it was a very good day, I would get a reply by way of a smile ... A smile which reached her eyes.

I do miss her so much! We were so different from each other.

I am very shy whereas Mom was the life of the party..... very outgoing.

She was very comfortable giving out speeches and lectures whereas I would rather write.

She was known for being so well put together and glamorous.... She had this diary and would write down the clothes she wore so she would not repeat an outfit. I was sorting out her pictures a couple of weeks ago and true enough, I noticed that she had a new ensemble all the time.

Hahahaha Check out my photo albums and I do not care if I wear the same things over and over and over. I have a closet full of clothes but I just like to wear my favorites all the time.

I am a very good cook though.... I can name in 2 hands the dishes she prepared for us.

Sometimes....I often wonder if my life would be different if she was still alive. I know I will not be allowed to travel and go to places on my own. Mom was... Super.... Over.... Protective! She would always say, "Oh, No! You might get picked up by strange men!" Hahahaha but is that not the point of going off on an adventure by yourself?

I was very close to my Mom but that was only in the last 10 years of her life because she was so busy with work. Do you know why being sick is such a positive experience for me? That was the only time I had her all to myself. She would drop everything just so she can go home and take care of me. One time, she told her office staff that her "baby" was sick and had to rush home. Then, the new secretary said, "I did not know Ma'am still has a baby." Hahahaha .... I was the baby and I was not a baby anymore then, if I am not mistaken, I was already in college.

So when my Mom had a stroke back in 2006..... She was hospitalized at ICU of Makati Medical Center for almost 3 months. Her friends and relatives would always "hint" to us kids to let my Mom go and not make her suffer anymore.

She was a mother who would give anything.... Do anything.... Whatever it takes... Whatever the cost just to make sure her sick child would get well. That was the kind of mother I had.

Knowing she was willing to do all of that for us, we told her (17) doctors to do everything and anything in their powers just to make my Mom well.

But in the end.... they said there was nothing they could do for her anymore.... Then we had to let go.

Hey, Mom! Wishing you were still with us. There was not a day I did not think of you.



  1. I miss her too Lia...I wonder what advice she would have given to me if she was still alive... :)

  2. This post made me teary eye, Lia! I have been trying to comment in the past, but blogger wont let me. How is my inaanak? Oh I will have to back read, I missed some of your post these past weeks. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog anniversary post. As usual my comment did not get through, but I hope this one will! Happy

    1. Happy! I have been wondering about you! Good thing you were able to post already in Blogger.
      Your inaanak has been naughty tonight! He went out of our house and my dinner guests found him walking on the street! Scary!

  3. Ohmygosh! I hope that is plain naughtiness on his part, and not a sign of senility hehe! My 14 year old spitz has became deaf but her face recognition is perfect. We still play our game of hide and seek. There is something about your blog that makes me want to come back even if Iv given up meat these days. Your food adventure is just so fun to read and of course I am forever generous that you pepper it with some chronicles of W!

    1. Thanks, Happy for visiting my blog! Wow! I'm impressed that you are able to remove meat from your diet.