Sunday, May 26, 2013


Finally! I was able to eat at IHOP, The Fort.

The place was packed with customers.

I just ordered the Breakfast Combo? (I really cannot recall what it is called.)

The meal came with two eggs, hash brown, two slices of ham, two slices of bacon, two pork sausage links

And...... Two buttermilk pancakes.

I loved the bacon, ham and sausage links because they were very flavorful, meaning... In Lia's language = salty, just the way I like it! The eggs were very fresh because the yolks were golden in color, not pale yellow.

The pancakes.... Well.... As my friend Mayette said, they taste like kababayan, Filipino muffins. I just prefer my own pancakes from scratch or even the Maya hot cake mix.

Three different kinds of syrup... Pecan Butter, Old Fashioned and Strawberry.

My favorite was the Old Fashioned.

PD had the double blueberry pancakes.....

With.... scrambled eggs, hash brown and two pork sausage links.


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