Friday, May 24, 2013

From Wheat-Free to Wheat Overload!

I was wheat-free for 6 months last year..... But now..... I am overloaded with wheat! I must have eaten all the bread I did not eat last year in just a span of a few weeks!

I am very happy Rustan's has the "Tasty" bread that I like! Buy One Take One! I am willing to pay for the regular price if the B1T1 promo ends.

It has no label .... It is probably from their own bakery. I really, really, really love it!

It is white and sweet and when you press it, it does not spring back!

It is the type of bread that is best eaten with cheese pimiento, ham and cheese, luncheon meat, chicken sandwich.... Ohhhh and let us not forget peanut butter!

It is the type of bread that will stick to the roof of your mouth!

I do not want to eat rice anymore, just different kinds of sandwiches everyday!

I also bought my favorite ensaymada at Insular Bakery!

As soon as I got my paperbag of goodies, I immediately ate 3 of the freshly baked ensaymada!

Is this just a phase for me? Hmmmm.... I do not know.... But I will indulge while I still can.

Rustan's! Please do not stop making my favorite "Tasty" bread!


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