Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Lunch at the Batcave"

My friends call my house the "Batcave". It is their home away from home, where they can just help themselves and treat it like it is theirs. Hahaha! Actually, I just let them be.... When they ask for water, I tell them where the glasses are.... When they want something.... I tell them to get it themselves.

Sherman is leaving this Friday for Jakarta, we will not see him until August! Mona, Mayette, Jon, Tita Cena and I invited him for lunch at my house. It was our turn to treat him.... A Despedida of sorts. I asked him if he wanted Filipino or Steak and potatoes, he chose the latter.

I got T-bone from Gil, my suki in Farmer's. I told him to remove the bones because I will use it for my Beef Nilaga. Hehehehe, Lisa said, what kind of t-bone is it without the bone?!?!

We were chatting via FaceTime the whole time I was preparing for lunch. She saw me marinate the steak in Maggi Garlic Seasoning, pepper, Lea Perrins and...... Shhhhhhhh...... MSG!!! Lisa said, I should only use salt and pepper so we could taste the "beef". I told her, "Lisa, our meat comes from the Philippines unlike in NY, the beef there is very flavorful as it is."

And then..... I made gravy! Hahahaha I also told Lisa that we like to smother our steak in gravy!

We also like to pour it on the mashed potatoes.

Mixed vegetables.

Tita Cena made Ceasar's Salad from scratch.

I was quite apprehensive about the tenderness of the beef but thank God they said the meat was tender! I was very careful not to overcook. I pan-fried it in oil and BUTTER!

Everybody enjoyed our lunch. They were even suggesting that I should open my house for private lunches or dinners but I told them I only like to cook for my friends.

Sherman! We are going to miss you! Will wait for you in August!