Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Lunch with my family.

I celebrated my Birthday lunch with my family.... Saturday is family day. I woke up early to go to Famer's market in Cubao... early as in 9:00 am early. I wanted to buy Talangka but when I got there, they were dead already. I only buy live talangka.

So, the next best thing were Crabs! I bought male and female crabs. My Kuya only likes steamed Male crab, while Tita Portia only likes steamed female crab.

Cooking for my family is like cooking for a restaurant. My sister, Gina, and I like Female Chili Crabs.

My nephew Nicky likes Shrimps, so I made Shrimps in Butter with Garlic and a bit of orange soda.

I had no problem with Gilly hehehe I just had to buy Beef for her Nilaga and bought sweet, young and tender corn which my brother in law really loved.

Another reason why I went to the market early was to look for Talimusak, it is a very small fish and the last time I have eaten it was almost 10 years ago. It is so hard to find that, when I went to Farmer's last week, one of the vendors said I have to be there by 5:30 am. YIKES!!!!! So, at 10 am, I asked around who was selling and they pointed me to the direction of the old woman. The little fish were in the "bilao". I wanted to get 1 Kilo but she only had less than what I wanted, so I just got all that was left. It is another kind of food that brings back memories.

It was hard to eat though but I enjoyed it so much. My menu doesn't seem like a party fare but the food I served was something my family and I liked.

They were looking for dessert! But I told them I couldn't have so I didn't prepare anymore.

So... another Happy Birthday to me everyday!

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  1. grabe li! sarap ng lunch. loved the chili crabs, shrimps and the paksiw na litson. heaven talaga!!! happy bday in advance.