Friday, July 23, 2010

Country Style Breakfast Sausage

I love the breakfast sausage of Pancake House. Before, I used to buy Jimmy Dean or Farmland breakfast sausage from Duty Free or S&R but they don't sell those brands anymore.

When I was in my Beef Tapa Obsession days, I came across the blog of Anton and he mentioned the very good Beef Tapa from one of those upcoming chefs. Naturally, I had to try and they have a pick up station in Paraiso Street in Dasmarinas Village. They also have different products and that was when I decided to try their fully cooked breakfast sausage.

It tastes exactly like the one in Pancake house or in my estimation, even better!!!! I have been searching for years, and now.... The search is over!

My breakfast this morning was 4 pcs. Country Style Breakfast Sausage, Hunts Baked Beans (It is better than the Hunts pork and beans.) and my recently acquired skill - fried egg.

Cooking instructions:

Put the frozen (do not thaw) sausages in the non stick frying pan over low heat. Then add 1 T. cooking oil when the pan starts to dry up. Continue cooking and turning the sausages until golden brown in color.

* P84.00/dozen

2116 Paraiso St. Dasmarinas Village

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