Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grilled Bacon Cheese Egg sandwich with Strawberry Preserves

I love breakfast food even if I don't eat it in the morning, I can never wake up early. I have been down with the flu for the past couple of days and I just asked my maid to make soup for me. Either I'm really very sick I can't taste the food.... or the food really has no taste at all.

So, tonight .... I browsed the net what I can do with Bacon since it's the only thing I could defrost very fast. I saw a very simple Bacon egg cheese panini! I never realized that there is a correct way of cooking scrambled eggs! Mine would usually turn out dry and rubbery.

For every egg, add 1 teaspoon of water or low-fat milk and a pinch of salt. Beat for 2 MINUTES manually or use an electric hand mixer and beat for 25 seconds. Melt 1 T. butter in a non stick skillet, when butter is almost melted pour in the beaten egg. When it is beginning to set, use a spatula, push the egg into the center and tilt the pan. Continue pushing to the center gently until set. Remove from heat.

To assemble the panini, brush melted butter on one side of each bread, grate Chevital quickmelt cheese, put on the UNBUTTERED side of both bread, then add the scrambled egg and bacon. Cover with the bread, butter side up.

Heat your panini maker or if you don't have, a non stick pan will do. Grill your sandwich until it turns golden brown, cut in half.

Serve with Smucker's Strawberry preserves on the side.

Doesn't it look more appetizing than just serving toasted bread, scrambled egg with cheese and preserves? Sometimes, all you have to do is add a little "magic" to make everyday boring food more exciting. Hmmm Am I the only one who gets excited over food?

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