Thursday, April 8, 2010


I remember eating in Kimpura when I was kid and it was still in Makati Commercial Center (now it's called Glorietta) - beside Rustan's. Quite an unforgettable experience when I sat at the teppanyaki table and the chef cooked in front of me. Such a delight for the senses .... I could see ... smell ... hear and taste! You don't often get that kind of opportunity when dining.

I was the "chauffeur" tonight of Tita Portia, she attended a party in North Greenhills and she told me to have dinner at Kimpura, her treat. So, I was excited while driving, imagining already what I was going to eat. I didn't sit at the teppanyaki table because I knew I was going to kill time while waiting so I opted for a regular table. I even brought a book to read and my laptop in case I wanted to have coffee at Starbucks after dinner and surf.

I ordered Oysters Teppanyaki, Shitake Mushroom Tempura, Tofu with pork steak and mushrooms, mixed fried rice. When my food arrived I told the waiter I doubt if I could finish my dinner! It was a lot for 1 person.

I thought I won't be able to finish all of these!!!!

Surprisingly, towards the end of my dinner, I told the waiter : Look! I'm almost done!!!! The food was really great and I haven't eaten in Kimpura in a long, long time. My favorite was the Shitake Mushroom Tempura. The batter was so light and crisp, like you were eating kropek. The mushroom was soft as marshmallow... so imagine the combination of the crunchy coating and tender mushroom in your mouth. The oysters were big, plump and juicy sauteed in butter with white onion slivers and green pepper. The tofu steak was just alright but I liked the sweet sauce they used. Then there was the Japanese mixed fried rice. I learned how to do my own version when I was young by watching the chef.

Japanese Fried Rice

1/4 C. butter

1 T. cooking oil

onions, chopped

green pepper, chopped

carrots, chopped

1/2 C. ground pork

1/4 C. shrimps, chopped

1 T. Kikkoman soy sauce, to taste

1-2 T. sugar

pinch of msg, optional (but as I've said before, it is never optional to me)

2 eggs, beaten

4 C. boiled Japanese rice

salt and pepper

In a wok, melt butter and add the cooking oil, swirl the wok a few times to distribute evenly. Add onions, carrots and green pepper. Saute until carrots are soft and onions transparent over low heat. Add pork and shrimps. Cook pork until color changes then add the rice and the seasoning. Blend well and add the beaten eggs and continue stirring until eggs turn into yellow. Adjust seasoning according to taste.


  1. Hi Lia, when I went to Kimpura to order their fried rice a few months ago, I noticed something green, was it green peas, or was it green pepper?

  2. HI, Louie. The green stuff in their fried is green pepper. When they cooked in front of me the last time I was there, I looked at the ingredients. It was diced very, very small.

  3. Thanks Lia! I've been trying green peas but it doesn't have the same scent, I am excited to try your recipe! Thanks again!

  4. Hi Lia

    I've been wanting to find out the ingredient for their friend rice since kimpura's fried rice is one of the best.

    So its really kikkoman soy sauce huh and maybe what really sets the taste is the MSG they put in while they cook it on the teppanyaki table.

  5. by the way is that just cooked japanese rice? Di ba dapat rice galing sa ref?

  6. Hi, Mickey. I saw in Kimpura they used freshly cooked rice so it was "sticky" as opposed to Filipino Garlic rice, we need to use day old rice so it will be "buhaghag".

  7. Hi Li, My brother Mike has been cooking kimpura fried rice ever since. I'm not able to get it though coz I usually just eat..hehe. But I will try your recipe and see if I can beat Mike's version: ) will let you know how the showdown goes. Thanks for sharing this!