Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Corn on a cob

Happy Easter! I wonder what you all had for lunch? Easter (and Christmas) lunch is not complete without LECHON. FYI, it is my most favorite food in the entire world! But only if I get to eat the crunchy skin. That is the only thing my family eats except for my brother in law who waits for everybody to strip the pig of its skin and grin like a mad scientist holding the carving knife and fork and he couldn't hide his grin while he contemplates which part of the whole pig he is going to get.

So when I woke up I started calling lechon houses if they are still selling per/kilo lechon. It was just for Tita Portia and myself so we couldn't order a whole lechon. I started with Leonardos in San Juan. Every Sunday you can buy lechon per/kilo, but when I called they only have the rump part, which for me and my aunt and the rest of my family is not an edible part but except for you know who! Hahaha That is the favorite portion of my brother in law. It was 11:30 am already, and of course they don't have the parts I like. I called Mila's lechon next. I told them I only like the rib part or the center of the whole pig. They told me I should just go to their store in West Avenue. I was excited and dressed up quickly, parked my car near Buendia gate, ready to ride the MRT. Lo and Behold! MRT was not operational and decided to ride the bus. Holy week in the city is great because the streets are empty but NOT if you are riding the bus which was speeding along EDSA. I had to pray several Our Fathers along the way. See how much I love to eat? I would brave speeding buses in EDSA.

To end the Lechon story... it was disappointing because when I brought it home and ate with Tita Portia, it wasn't that good anymore. Maybe because nobody buys lechon at 12:30 in the afternoon? I didn't bother to take a picture.

But.......... I was still able to save the day! I got hungry (again?!?!?! hahahaha - so what's new?) and decided to reheat the corn in the microwave. I bought several cobs of corn in Binondo and told my maid to boil it all at the same time to save gas and wrap in cling wrap.

How to enjoy a perfect corn on a cob .... let me share with you how.

The corn should be warm or hot so the butter would melt. I only like Magnolia Gold. I already tried the other brands, Queensland, Anchor, Lurpak, etc and I find them too bland for my taste. Magnolia Gold has the sweet, creamy salty taste one likes in butter. Golden Churn (in gold can) is my next favorite brand.

Put chunky pieces of butter on the corn. NO gentle pats of butter for me. Trust me... it may look like a heart attack in the waiting to happen but just don't do it often. Sprinkle fine salt. Wait for a few minutes for the butter to soften. I don't like it melted because then it will become oily.

Insert corn skewers at the end. I didn't want to look for mine in the cupboard so I just used the table knife. The core of the cob was tender so it was easy to insert the knife. I always choose corn with small kernels. Slowly roll the corn on the SOFT butter over and over until it is coated with creamy, salted/sweet butter.

Scary Green Experiment
There are times my experiments don't turn out as well as I want it to be. I have some left over "Mr. Gulaman" gelatin powder and asked my maid to cook for me last night. When it was firm already, the gelatin was cut into cubes and I added to the gulaman syrup. I put it in the fridge and forgot about it until this afternoon when I was about to eat my corn.
YIKES! Green toxic stuff! hahahaha the taste is still the same but if you are a queasy person, you will not like the looks of the green drink. I just realized the coloring of the gulaman mixed with the sugar syrup. So next time, either I should add the gulaman before serving or choose red or white.

Gulaman and Sago

1 sachet of Mr. Gulaman red or white powder (only 12.50 in groceries)
sago (raw small pearl sized)

1 cup brown sugar
1 cup water.

Follow the instructions of the gulaman but use only 5 cups of water instead of 6 if you like it chewy, which I like.

Cook the sago as though you would cook pasta. Let the water(about 3 cups) boil, then add about 1/2 cup of sago. Stir occasionally. When the pearls are clear, rinse in cold running water.

Boil the water and brown sugar until melted. Let it cool.

Add enough ice or cold water to the brown sugar syrup. Scoop cubed gulaman and 1-2 tablespoon of sago into a glass, fill with ice and pour the syrup.

My cravings most of the time are simple. Tonight I just want to eat Inihaw na Hito(been dreaming about it for days) with broiled eggplant, and green mango with bagoong. The brand PIYESTA bagoong is very good! I buy it in Seaside Market in Baclaran.

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