Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Reunion With My Childhood Friends

"It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas!" (Imagine me singing this line!)

Oh lots of Christmas gatherings going on now.  You cannot open FB and not see people partying.

My childhood friends who were also my Grade School and High School classmates and I had our mini Christmas reunion at Dodai's place in BGC.

I was the "early bird"!  Oh Goodness!  A big bowl of Happiness!!!

Good thing, Alex said it would make a nice centerpiece!

I sat right across the bowl the whole evening.

Dodai? Can I have one piece, please?
Dodai: Sure!
I mean, one piece of each kind!
I had Milky Way, Snickers, M&M with peanuts, plain M&M, Reese's, Twix, 100,000 Grand, KitKat and York except the Almond Joy because I did not see it immediately.

Sugar Rush!

While we were waiting for the rest, Eileen was busy taking photos!  Ana joined us briefly.

Finally! Everybody arrived already, which means, it was time to eat!

I brought Mango Catfish Salad.

Cat brought the pork BBQ

Marianne, Sarita and Bibo ordered Spaghetti (my favorite) and Chicken from Amber's.

Another favorite... Olan's Lumpiang Shanghai courtesy of Mylene, Candy and Janette.

As usual, Eileen is our ice and soda supplier.

Grey Goose and cake from Serla.

Don Benito's Cassava cake from Christine.

We each brought a token present for our exchange gift.

It was so much fun because we could "steal" some one's present!

Some of our classmates went home after midnight.  We have not seen each other in months!

We should meet more often but believe it or not, everybody is busy with work, business or taking care of their kids.

Good thing, Jo was able to attend.

Bibo just got out of the hospital this morning!  It was great seeing her, hopefully she does not go back to the hosital again.  Crossing our fingers and continue praying.

Thank you, Eileen for providing our Christmas "accessories"!

Thank you, Dodai and Alex for hosting our mini reunion!

Until the next time!


  1. HI Lia,

    How are you? I was reading your post about Yunnan Ham. Just like you I have very fond memories of this Ham! Where do you buy them?!!
    Thank you for any info!


    1. Hello Keana! You can buy canned Yunnan Ham at Bee tin grocery on Ongpin St. after the bridge coming from San Lorenzo Ruiz church.