Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016 With My Family

Christmas is over! That was fast!  Did you feel that it went like a blur, as well?  I was too busy before the holiday season with baking.

Hahahaha Not that I have many customers, just Kuya and Dra. Cristina and several orders of Galantina from friends.  I normally do not like to cook a lot so I just accept a few orders every Christmas.

We have a little Santa this year, Snowball with my favorite, Kuya Nicky, my nephew who is a 3rd year medical student.

I do not have a family picture but took photos of each one while we were opening our gifts.

I loved my gifts! Of course, I told them what I wanted.

New Frying Pans from Kuya's family.

Beater Blade with scraper from Ate's family.

Renzo, happy little boy with his monetary gift.

Sophia still loves socks from Iconic.

Gilly was opening the present I gave her.

Kuya Nicky... poor kid... t-shirt every year from his Tita which he calls, Tata.

Suzette, Kuya's wife, with her travelling cases.

Ate and her presents.

Do you think Kuya was happy with my gift?

It is the same gift I gave Butch, my brother in law!

The new reversible umbrella!!!

People who drive cars will appreciate this wonderful invention.

My Christmas day breakfast was my favorite CDO Holiday Ham.

I really love it because it is sweet like the Virginia Ham we used to eat at  Christmas.  I do not like the salty Chinese ham.

No Noche Buena for me.  I just slept very early because I was so tired from cooking and baking all the orders but we celebrated on Christmas lunch.

We had Molo Soup

Ping Ping's Lechon

I woke up at 7:00 am so I can buy blue crabs and shrimps in Guadalupe Market.

Kuya Nicky loves shrimps.

I asked Ate to bring fruit salad because I did not have time to drain the fruit cocktail anymore.

She also brought potato salad and ice cream.

Yaya Hermie shared with us her saba from Romblon and cooked turon.

PD was not able to join us for Christmas lunch but I was with her on her birthday last December 23, which is also my Mom's and Kuya's birthday.

We had breakfast at UCC at Eight in Rockwell.

Lunch with our senior friends, Tita Butchie and Tita Tess, at Kimpura Greenbelt.

I think (?) everybody was happy with the gifts they received!  Christmas is really for kids because they still get excited about it.  They still believe in Santa Claus!

Perhaps for adults it is more meaningful.

Well.... I am speaking for myself.

It is not a commercialized event for me but rather a celebration of the birth of Jesus in a simple manner.

I was listening to the homily (WOW! Seriously, Lia... you were?) and the priest said, Jesus Christ was not born  in a mansion nor palace but in a simple manger with just the animals and the angels watching over him.  Even before the people ( The 3 kings) came to visit him, it was the animals in the manger who were present for his birth.

Jesus is our King but in the first few moments of his life, we already learned humility and simplicity.

This is the meaning of Christmas for me.

Pet Chronicles

Every night, before Snowball sleeps on my bed, I give her half a bath then she would fall into a deep sleep.

Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning and she would still be in "in-in" mode.

 Hahahaha My friends said she looked like she partied hard the night before and suffering from hangover in this photo.

A boy and his love for dogs. Odie is Renzo's dog, a Jack Russel terrier while Snowball is Sophie's dog, a West Highland Terrier.  I am just "fostering" it for her.

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