Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Celebrations With Friends And Neighbors

It's that busy time of the year again.

Just a few more days and we are going to celebrate Christmas.  Usually on the 24th or 25th, we are with our families.

But.... a few days before the 25th.... we celebrate with friends and neighbors.

The Ka Escapades had our Christmas dinner at my favorite place, Lucky Rainbow.  We got a small private room.

Pinky, Mona, Jodie, Cristina, Lia and Miko - ladies
Eric, Bernie and Alvin - men

We had a lot of dim sum but also ordered from the ala carte menu.

After dinner, Dra. Cristina and Doc Bernie invited us to Casa Franda.

We love the fact that Cristina took time out from her busy schedule to set up her house for us.

Dessert Bar was lovingly prepared by everybody!

Chocolates and candies from Jodie, Pinky and PD.

I loved the Taffy!!! Cristina's friend from the US gave it to her.

Mona baked chocolate Crinkles.

I baked Fudge Brownies.

The rest of the desserts were from Cristina!

I was a happy camper, of course!

Aside from eating a plateful of contra bands, I also brought home some! I filled up the loot box with more candies.

Thank you, thank you dear Ka Escapades for the gifts and fun evening.

P.S. Thank you Eileen for letting us borrow your Xmas props!.

The other night, we had dinner at Cindy's with Cherry, Vinnie, Tita Menchit and Mona.

It was more of a Thanksgiving celebration because of the favorable test results of FGM Cindy's biopsy.

She and I already went to S&R to buy the ingredients for Kare-Kare before her procedure.  I used the Nanay Pacing peanut butter.

She also served shrimp halabos

and boiled sweet corn!

Cherry brought Pancit Sotanghon Guisado.

Mona cooked Chicken Adobo.

I made Chicken Galantina Rolls.

Tita Menchit brought sapin sapin and Vinnie brought my favorite Ube Langkasuy ice cream!

Lots of reasons to be thankful for this year but one of the most important reasons.....

My friends and neighbors!

Merry Christmas!

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