Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Mimi invited David, PD and I for dinner at Circles, Shangri-la Hotel, Makati.  Her birthday was yesterday, March 17 but had our dinner the night before.

I was quite worried at first because I was not feeling well.  There was pain in my ears and throat again.  I only survived in Boracay the past few days because I was on anti-biotics, steroids, decongestants and pain killers.

While I was having dinner, I was feeling better by the minute.  Maybe because I was distracted with a lot of delicious food.  They had an on going Singaporean Festival.  Which meant.... Chili Crabs!

I got a plateful of Chili Crabs.

I had HUGE river prawns. 

I asked the waiter to wok-fry  with Chili and Garlic.

Really jumbo!

I am not much of a prime rib fan but I asked the meat carver to give me a thin slice.

As usual, a few pieces of sushi and sashimi.

The others had steamed shrimps

Butter Garlic prawns and shrimps

Deep Fried Fish with Chili Sauce

Pasta dish

My dessert was homemade vanilla ice cream with thick chocolate syrup, creme brulee, fresh ripe mangoes and mango puree with pomelo.

My favorite nuts, cheeses and dried fruits.

 It was a nice quiet birthday celebration but the food was really YUM!

The next night, PD and I hosted an after dinner affair with Mimi and David.

Just drinks and chips.

I made Mango Mojito!!!!  It was almost a virgin mojito but I saw a bottle of Tanduay rum in my pantry and added a few tablespoon.  I was afraid to add more but the drink tasted good just the same. 

Mango Mojito

mint leaves
1/2 C. sugar
rum, as generous as you want
juice of 2 limes
500 ml. seven-up
400 gr. mango
1 C. simple sugar (1 C white sugar : 1 C water, boil until sugar is dissolved)
2-3 C. ice cubes
mint springs
lime slices

In a tall glass pitcher,  muddle the mint leaves with sugar and rum.  Add the seven-up.

In a blender, puree the mango and sugar syrup, add the ice.

Pour the mango juice into the pitcher.  Garnish with mint springs and lime slices.

Our bar chow.....

Nachos with....

cheese sauce, beef and fresh salsa.

Chicharon with fat

Sweet potato chips

okoy and dilis.

Yema with Pili

PD got Mimi a small birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Mimi!


  1. the food makes me drool. happy birthday to michelle.

  2. Hi! Ive been following ur blog for months now.. And last night was my first time to try one of ur recipes, as friends will be coming over to watch the Fiba finals(basketball game). Boys have their own drinks, so for the girls i wanted a cocktail drink as we're not strong drinkers of alcohol. So i replicate ur Mango Mojito, it turned out soo good!! Even the non-alcoholic drinker liked it. After the game was over, the night was still young, the boys drinks were all consumed, 1/4 of the mojito still left and so i mixed the other half of the rum but it was too strong, so i mixed it na lng with Minute maid orange. It was good though.. Thanks for sharing ur recipes..

    1. Hi! You are welcome! I am so glad your mojito turned out good!