Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hototay Soup for the very sick.

I have not been feeling well these past few days.  Same old... same old ... my doctors just patched me up to be able to go to Boracay but I  am back to square one and even in worse pain.  I have been to several doctors, I am now on my third round of antibiotics.  Hopefully, Dr. Manuel Canlas, my allercologist will make me well. 

On a positive note, I might lose weight because I cannot eat.  It is quite difficult to swallow.  I do not want to eat anymore but I have to so I can drink my medicines. 

I cooked my own version of Hototay Soup.  I looked in my fridge what kind vegetables I had in there. 

Hototay Soup

1 T. cooking oil
garlic, minced
onion, sliced
red and green pepper, cut into square
carrots, sliced
green beans, cut into 1 inch length
Chinese cabbage, sliced
2 C. chicken stock
1 t. chicken powder
2 t. cornstarch diluted in 1 T. water
dash of pepper
1 egg

Saute in oil the garlic and the onions until soft.  Then add the peppers, carrots and beans.  Continue sauteing, when vegetables are half cooked, pour in the stock.  Season with the chicken powder and pepper.

When vegetables are crisp tender, add the diluted cornstarch and the Chinese cabbage.   Let it boil until the soup is thick, then switch off the heat.  Add the egg and stir slowly.

I guess you can add any vegetables you have in your fridge.  Some recipes call for meat or liver but I opted for a simple version.

I hope to feel better really soon.  Sometimes, I would just drink all the medicines I have here at home to feel better, I even had a couple rum toddy care of Bibo yesterday!!!! 

Dr. Canlas prescribed several nasal sprays and Iterax! Yay!!!

I am praying  I will be able to sleep through the night and not be bothered by dry and itchy coughing.

Dear God, please let me get well already.  It has been 2 months since I have been sick.  I am not a patient person but I know soon, you will hear my prayers.

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