Thursday, March 29, 2012


I loved the Tawilis fish that Hermie cooked for me.  I asked how it was done.

Tawilis Wrapped in Mango Leaves

small tawilis fish
big mango leaves
whole peppercorn

Place about 12 pieces of tawilis on one half of a mango leaf, then fold over.

Arrange in the cooking pot one on top of each other.  Add the vinegar, salt, garlic and peppercorn.  Simmer until fish is cooked and sauce is almost dry.  Let cool and deep fry without removing the leaves.

The fish was crunchy and you can eat from head to tail.  I did not leave anything for Sabrina, our cat.

Hermie also made Mongo Soup!

I like the way she cooked it, not too thick but swingy.

My food was so good that I finished a cup of brown rice! Normally, I would just eat half a cup.

Very sweet star apple for dessert. 

Simple dinner but ohhhh so yum!!!  Food does not have to be elaborate to be delicious.


  1. the meal is simple but delicious. i also like hermie's better than salinas. there's something missing in your mongo soup. CHICHARON TOPPING!!!! :)

  2. @Mona Loka!!! Bawal nga chicharon! But I saw two big chunks of chicharon, maybe she put it in her mongo soup.