Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Month Long Birthday Celebration Begins Today

It is already August! What does it mean?

When my Dad was still alive, he declared that everyday of  August was my birthday!

So.... to kick off the month long celebration, I had lunch today at Shang Palace with my Ate and her family.

Dim Sum Plus, an eat all you can dim sum plus main course, noodles, soup, dessert, etc.

Sichuan-style hot and sour soup

Chilled marinated sliced pork knuckles and Honey-glazed barbecue pork

Barbecued pork pie - our favorite

Steamed crystal skin shrimp dumplings

Steamed pork dumplings with fish roe

Steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce

Steamed chicken feet with spicy black bean sauce

Deep-fried spring rolls

Deep-fried taro puff with diced scallops

Yang chow fried rice with diced honey pork and shrimps

Fujian stir-fried noodles

Hot prawn salad

Kung po stir-fried chicken

Sweet and sour pork

I thought I took photos of the mango sago, almond jelly and fresh fruits.

I was so full and sleepy after lunch.

Maybe I am indeed getting older.  I do not like to sleep in the afternoon except when I am sick but lately, I have been sleeping from 3-6 pm!

One would think it was because I slept late and woke up early.

But.... No!

I slept early (11-12 midnight is early) and woke up at 11 am then would sleep again at 3 to 6 then sleep again at 11 pm!

Age is finally catching up with me??? Or is it my body telling me to slow down?

Whenever I come from a trip I always get very tired not because of all the activities but because of having to wake up early.

I have a lot of activites lined up for August.  I have to learn to pace myself.

So excited!!!!

"Tune in" for more of Lia's food journey!

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