Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rainbow Bridge

My friends said the Rainbow Bridge is where a pet goes through after he passes on to wait for his Master. Over there he is restored to his old healthy self.

Eileen sent this photo to me.

It helped a bit knowing that Wriggly will be alright.

But the thought was kind of hard to believe until I dreamt of my baby yesterday morning.

In my dream, I saw him go through a doorway! He was fluffy, rambunctious and naughty!

It made me so happy that I stopped crying whenever I think of him.

My son is back to his old jolly self.

I could safely say that I am not grieving anymore. I told you I would be okay in a few days. Just give me time to get over the pain of losing someone I love.

Of course, it helped ease the pain away when the abuloys started finding their way to my house.

Happy, who is Wriggly's virtual Ninang, sent flowers the very next day.

Over a period of several days, my neighbors sent lots of food to comfort me!

Tricia sent Roast Pork with lots of fat

and Sisig Bagnet.

Michelle sent Lumpia from DEC.

FGM Cindy gave me chocolates straight from HK!

Wina gave me Chicken Empanada and Banana Cake!

And a friend from the faraway hills of Alabang, Mona, visited me yesterday and she brought my favorite longanisa from Imus.

I told her to half cook it already because I do not know how.

I started going out again with FGM Cindy. We had dinner at Banana Leaf ....

Merienda at Pho Hoa.

I am not alone. I still have my other 4 legged furry children to love.

Lizzie, my rescue dog, who is as fat as a piglet now.

Sabrina... My baby girl.

Dukha... Sabrina's assistant.

Thank you so much everybody for just being there for me in my time of mourning.

I am back to my old funny, silly, crazy self.

I could not have gone through this without God's help. I prayed to him for the tears to stop falling and the next day.... He made me see that Wriggly was ok.

Therefore, I am ok as well.







  1. So sorry to know about your loss, Lia. But I'm glad you started going out with your friends again and getting on with your life. I guess that's the way it should be no matter how painful and difficult it is. Soon that lovely smile will be back on that lovely face �� ~~~ Brent's mom

    1. Hello, Brent's mom! Thank you! I am feeling so much better now.