Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Kainserye... Inaabangan... Araw Araw"

Hahahahahahaha! This is a private joke between myself and the Batgirls.

We have a Viber group and everyday I would post what I ate then they would get an inspiration or a food craving.

I thought to come up with the word, Kainserye, which I got from the word, Kalyeserye.

The Batgirls would wait everyday for my photos.... Hence, Kainserye... Inaabangan... Araw Araw.

Sharing with all of you what I have been cooking and eating everyday....

Pork BBQ

I recently revived my pork bbq business. Thanks to Vicky for inspiring me.

Adobong Pusit.

I really love the inky black sauce. Yaya Hermie only gave me a cup of rice, I could have easily eaten 2 cups!

Healthy Shabu Shabu in Rockwell..

My ultimate comfort food even if I do not need comforting.

Domino's Pizza!

There was a buy 1 take 1 promo. Sophie and I had a date in my house.

Char Kway Teow at Cili Padi.

After my errand at The Makati City hall, I had a late lunch.

I was so hungry the other night. My after-midnight snack or perhaps I should call it meal was....

Mekeni Bacon ( my favorite), Ram Pork and Beans and garlic rice cooked with bacon oil. I love my ceramic plate with separators. It feeds my food OCD.

FGM Cindy treated me to an afternoon delight at Tim Ho Wan, Megamall.

Pork BBQ Buns

Rice Vermicelli with Shrimps



I suppose Lia's Food Journey has been a kainserye for a long time already.

My readers always wait what I am going to cook or eat.

This will probably go on and on and on because I will not stop cooking nor eating.

Even I cannot wait what's next!



I am fan of Kalyeserye! I am crazy over Aldub. Even if I do not watch TV, I watch it on Youtube everyday.


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