Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pop Goes The World

Pop Goes The World is part of the soundtrack of Music and Lyrics.

In my imagination, it should be, Pop Goes My Waistline!

I've been eating so much carbs and sugar! I belong to a No/Low Carb group and one of the members said that he noticed lately that I have fallen off the wagon. Again!

He said, it should be a lifelong diet!

I really, really want it to be my lifelong diet but I am weak!!!

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Manila Memorial to visit our relatives. Would you believe, Mona, Jing and I are just 200 meters away from each other!?!

From my Mom's grave site, I could wave at Mona and from her Grandfather's area, we could see Jing's!

After the visit, we all went to Little Quiapo on Aguirre Ave. in BF with Corry and Tita Cena.

I love their Palabok in Little Quiapo! Huge serving! A whole plateful!

They also ordered Arroz Caldo with Century egg.

Tokwa con Tokwa.

Jing and I shared in an order of Tokwa't Baboy! Big chunks of pork!!!!

My Mais con Yelo had ice cream.

Jing's Mango shake had ice cream as well!

Mona and I spent our late afternoon with Dodai at her apartment. We missed hanging out with her.

Alex and Dodai invited us for dinner at Malcolm's.

I ordered the Cheesesteak.

Mona had the Wings and Fries.

Dodai ordered the steak and eggs while Alex ate the corned beef with garlic ice, eggs and onion hash!!!

Thank you so much for the dinner, Alex and Dodai!

Dessert was at Bingsu-Korean Shaved Ice dessert place.

Mona, Alex and I had the Mango Bingsu.

Dodai had the one with the berries and cheese cake.

To add to the popping of the waistline, late lunch today at Mann Hann in Megamall!

Chami Sate

Yangchow Fried Rice

Sweet and Sour Pork

Radish Cake

Oyster Cake

I enjoyed the food in their Megamall branch. In my opinion, it tastes better than their branch in Century Mall.

Thank you, FGM Cindy for the treat!

And so.....

Imagine my stomach getting bigger and bigger like a balloon and then suddenly.....






  1. I love Mann Hann...and that berries & cheesecake ice dessert looks good :-) --- Brent's mom

    1. That pink swirly thing on top of the shaved ice is strawberry whipped cream, Brent's Mom! That was really good.