Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thai Crab Curry

I recently learned how to cook Thai Curry Crab!

Tita Jit demonstrated how it was done! Very easy!

Hahahaha Easy because Hermie did the cleaning of the live crabs!

That is very difficult! I would rather not do it.

Thai Crab Curry

2 K. Crabs

1 head garlic, crushed

2-4 pcs Thai chili

2 tall cans evaporated milk

1 t. Salt or to taste

1 t. Black pepper

1 t. MSG

1-2 t. Waugh's Curry powder

1/4 C. Nam Prik

2 eggs, beaten

Kinchay and Spring onions for garnishing.

Clean the crabs. Remove the spongy gills.

Save the fat in a bowl.


Crack the claws.

Saute garlic until fragrant and light brown in color. Add the chili peppers.

Saute the claws until half cooked. Remove and set aside.

Add the remaining crabs and saute until half cooked. Remove and set aside.

Saute the crab fat.

Add the evaporated milk. Season with salt, pepper and MSG.

Add the Nam Prik, stir while cooking.

Add the half cooked crabs and claws.

Simmer until the color of the shell changes. Pour the beaten eggs and stir while doing so.

Garnish with kinchay and spring onions.


Tita Jit also cooked Squid in Red Egg Yolk Sauce with Green Peppercorn!

Hermie cooked Ginataang Langka.

When we went to Farmer's I bought super fatty short ribs for Sinigang!

Cholesterol overload.

I experimented with a casserole dish. Tita Jit gave me the sauce.

Hmmmm, it did not turn out the way it was supposed to be.

I just followed the instructions on the pack.

Jing and her sibling, Tricia and Bo ( Tita Jit's blood relatives) joined us for dinner.

Mona is a relative by affinity and I am a relative because I'm their long lost sister from another planet!

That was a fast visit. Tita Jit is going home to Bangkok tomorrow!

Until your next visit!



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