Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tita Jit's Day Out in Cebu

I was just in Cebu for a few hours today just to eat!

Hahahahaha So, what's new?

Tita Jit is in town from Bangkok.

We did a day trip with Mona!

The very first stop was Rico's Lechon in Mabolo beside Sykes.

My favorite is the Spicy variant.

Mona and Tita Jit shared an order of the regular lechon.

CNT used to be my very first stop whenever I am in Cebu but not anymore.

We then went to the Abaca Baking Company at Crossroad Arcade.

I could look but not eat nor touch.

I was there to buy bread rolls for my friends.

The last time I was in Cebu with Ate, we had merienda at Majestic, Ayala Center.

I could not forget the sio mai so I ordered my own.

Tita Jit and Mona were eyeing my sio mai, they just ordered another to share between the two of them.

Another unforgetable must eat was the Snow Halo Halo!

My very own! I did not have to share it!

I loved the fact that they used frozen shaved milk. It was like snow flurries!!!

Best of all, it was not too sweet.

My favorite pasalubong for pork lovers is Tropical Chicharon! Look at all the fat!!!

There is a small kiosk in Metro Supermarket. It is closed on Mondays because it is the day off of the vendor.

Before we headed back to the airport, we bought lechon from different establishments. No more space in the stomach, so all for take out.





We Had our merienda at their Marina Mactan Mall branch.

Pancit Sotanghon


I do not eat Zubuchon lechon so they just got the rice meal.

Fried peanuts with chicharon.

And my super favorite Ube Halaya Cheesecake!

Even though I was so tired after the eating marathon I still love Cebu.

I want to go back and eat my favorite food all over again!!!

I thank you and my stomach thanks you, Tita Jit!




  1. Wow! That's a lot of food, lechon fiesta too. Well, you need all the nutrients you need after being sick for a long time I'm glad you're up and about now. I enjoy reading your blog because I love to cook too (pag sinisipag) and love to eat out too (pag may budget) hehe ~~~ Brent's mom

    1. Hi Brent's Mom! I'm so delighted to know that you enjoy reading my blog!
      I'm feeling so much better now, thank you.