Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Passion For Cooking

"I am invited for dinner by a lady who has so much passion for cooking!"

One my my guests tonight, Tita Baby, told her daughter where she was going.

This was our post KST dinner together with Tita Corret and Tita Evelyn who was partner for this year.

Mona, Shey and Tricia were also my guests.

Too bad Tita Ope and Cat could not join us. I'm glad that Mia was able to enjoy my cooking as well.

Kare Kare with vegetables.

When I was buying the oxtail at S&R last Sunday, I noticed that it was skinless!!! I asked the lady beside me who got 4 packs if it was a good cut and she said, "Yes! Look, there is no skin! Who wants to eat fat anyway?!?!"

Ummmm.... I do!!!

The request of Tita Evelyn was Binagoongan Baboy.

I also cooked chicken Adobo, the usual partner of Kare Kare.

Mangoes with Nova Villa Bagoong.

Tita Baby brought vegetable samosas with tamarind sauce!

It was sooooo good! The crust was so flaky and not greasy at all! She accepts orders! You may email me for more details.

Tita Evelyn brought suman from Lipa! She always bring some to the US whenever she visits her children.

I asked Mona to make Buko Pandan Salad.

That is her new product. Let me know if you want to order from her. It is 650/half gallon.

I really enjoy cooking and feeding my friends. It is how I show my love to my favorite people.

Hmmmm I wonder what I will cook next and whom to feed?

Thank you all for coming and for making me happy!


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