Friday, February 13, 2015

My Singapore Food Journey

I love Singapore! It was my first time to visit the country.

I am so impressed. The city was so clean and safe. It was recently voted the 2nd safest city in the world next to Osaka.

Changi airport is already a destination on its own with lots of activites to do while waiting for your flight.

Also, lots of restaurants and stores.

I took an airport shuttle from Changi to my hotel.

I was able to do a short city tour because the driver had to drop off several tourists from nearby hotels.

V Hotel Lavender was the hotel for the night.

I loved it because it is just on top of the MRT Lavender.

Ohhhh and I took a selfie while seating on the ledge of the window.

Had to add this pic of mine. I thought I looked quite pretty!

Lots of dining choices around the hotel. My favorite was Kopi Tiam, a food court chain in Singapore.

My very first meal.....

Chicken Rice

I had a spoonful of rice! I could not not try it! It was so fragrant!

I loved the sauce of the bean sprouts because it was sweet and I will add browned shallots to my veggies next time I cook.

Next food journey was in Newton Hawker Center.

Oyster Omelette

Pork and Chicken Satay

BBQ Satay Wings.

They gave Calamansi to squeeze on the wings.

Loved their Chili Sauce!

Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice.

Next stop was the block ice cream on Orchard Road. FGM said it is a "must try" and I agree!

I had Chocolate

And... Sweet corn.

Imagine, I ate all of that in a span of 3 hours!

Finally! My travel buddies and I met up on Orchard Road!

My "light dinner" was just Roast Suckling Pig

And... Wanton Soup.

They had ice cream but I did not have space in my stomach anymore!

We went to Marina Sands Hotel.

Then to the Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay.


Breakfast at my favorite Kopi Tiam near my hotel.

Char Kway Teow

Fried Oyster.

I had to try their Sio Mai

And Cheung Fun.

Dim sum is not Singapore's specialty unless you go to a real Chinese resto.

On my last day in Singapore, I just went around the city.

Orchard Road Shopping areas....

ION where I had lunch with my travel buddies.

Char Kway Teow

And Fried Oysters! Again!

I also ordered sio mai

And Hakaw.

My friends had their favorite Laksa

Roasted Duck


Popiah, their version of Lumpia.

Teochew Fishballs Noodles

I loved Daiso in ION! I checked out all the supermarkets and food hall in most of the shopping malls.

I had to eat the chicken at Popeye's! The first time I tried it was in Seoul.

Dessert in ION

Mango Snow

At the basement level of Isetan, you can buy popcorn from Garett's!

I just bought a bag of Chicago Mix.

I couldn't buy more because my suitcase has already reached its maximum allowed weight.

The most important department store to remember is Takashimaya.



Godiva Soft Serve ice cream!

My ultimate favorite food in this entire Singapore eating adventure!!!!

You can find it outside the supermarket in the chocolate area.

It was a 272 pesos ice cream cone but worth it! I just ate the ice cream but not the cone.

There was a Chinese Food Fair in Takashimaya.

Before heading to the airport, I had to eat again at my favorite Kopi Tiam on Lavender.

Char Kway Teow! If I like something, I will eat it over and over.

White Carrot Cake.

Whew! To think that was just my Singapore eating journey!

My meals were breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner!

I took the train going to Changi airport.

Easy and convenient but a bit difficult with a heavy luggage and an equally heavy carry on.

A very special thank you to Leah, who adopted me for a few hours in Singapore!

I was able to sleep for a couple of hours, a mighty power nap before taking me back to the airport at 4 am for my 6:30 flight back home.

Singapore is such a beautiful country! I would love to go back!

I still have a lot on my eating list that I was not able to try.

Huh?!? "You call what you ate not a lot, Lia?!?"

Hahahahaha That was my alter ego, Marsha.

So..... This concludes my Singapore Food Journey!



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