Monday, October 6, 2014

Chao Long and Inato in Puerto Princesa

The first time I tasted Chao Long in Puerto Princesa was 2 years ago.

Since then, I cannot stop thinking about it. I would always eat at Pho restos in Manila but I could not find one which tastes exactly like the one at Rene's Saigon. It was quite frustrating for me. I tried to recreate it several times but my attempts were not successful.

I did not have to wait anymore to taste my favorite soup again!

Last Saturday, I went to Puerto Princesa!

I was so surprised the NAIA Terminal 4 so clean and very cold! I loved it!

I waited for my flight at their international departure lounge. It was all mine! Hahahahaha I was probably the only anti-social creature there.

Everybody was in the domestic waiting lounge.

My hotel in PP was Deep Forest Garden Inn. I booked it via Agoda.

Ohhhh I was with Mariger! She arrived on an earlier flight. I told her to go around the city and eat lunch while waiting for me.

As soon as I dropped off my overnight bag in our room, we immediately rode a tricycle to Rene's Saigon!

At long last!!!!! My Chao Long!!!!!

I also ordered Spicy Fish in claypot.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee.

Since Mariger just had lunch, she only ordered the baguette and Iced Vietnamese Coffee.

I have been reading blogs about eating Chao long in Puerto Princesa. They said, the soup splatters when you eat it. You have to wear dark colored clothes.

Did I listen????

Of course not!!!!

I wore my favorite pair of white shorts!

Oh no!!!! Achuete oil stain!!!!

I bought bleach and laundry soap at the grocery and thank goodness.... by pouring lots and lots and lots of Zonrox, I was able to remove the stain! Thank you, Mariger for helping me!

Another reason why I wanted to go back to PP was to eat the grilled chicken! They call it, Inato.

We had dinner at Ka Inato.

Mariger had the Pork ribs meal.

I ordered the Chicken Inato.

But since I was cutting down on my rice intake, we ordered vegetables.

Adobong Kang Kong

Ensaladang Talong.

They gave us complimentary suman for dessert.

The weather was so cool! Perfect for walking to our next destination. The main highway was well lighted.

After dinner drinks at Kinabuchs.

Beer for Mariger and Iced Tea Slush for me.

Ohhhh and Sisig after dinner!!!

We went back to our hotel after dinner. I was not able to go to sleep until 6 am!!!

Crazy me, I played with the remote of the Aircon! It was freezing cold when we went into the room after our pre-dinner swim. I tried to lower the temperature but apparently, I pressed something then it was not freezing cold anymore. We called the maintenance guy but to no avail.

It was just..... cold. Mariger slept with the flannel blanket. So, I suppose it was ok for her.

BUT I want.... no... Let's delete that... I NEED the temperature to be 16-18 C to be able to sleep. And I just use the regular flat sheet when I sleep.

Plus, Globe had to do some maintenance uprade. They downgraded to 2G up to 6 am. Why did I need Globe's 3 G????

Because I cannot sleep without listening to Delta Waves to Beat Insomia via YouTube.

The room accommodation did not come with breakfast. But it was okay, I slept half of the morning away.

When Mariger left for the airport at 11, I went to Haim Chicken Inato for brunch.

Chicken Leg Inato!

Then went to Balinsasayaw

to drink my favorite fruit shake, Mango-Buko with Ube Ice cream.

I figured, the Inato was my breakfast, so I ordered the grilled tuna for lunch.

I rode the tricycle again for my third meal. I went to Bona's Chao Long.

Their most popular soup is the Pork Buto Buto with Beef Stew soup.

It was sooooooo hot in PP! Imagine "slurping" very hot soup on an equally hot day!

I could not miss the Chao Long at Bona's. They said, it is a "must-try".

Hahahahaha the eating on the 2nd day all happened in a span of 2 hours!

That's where my adventure ends!

Thank you, Mariger for taking the time and effort in indulging me in my food journey.

Extremely happy that I was able to satisfy my Chao long and Inato craving.

Now, I can sleep peacefully.

I do not have to wonder and dream anymore when will I be able to eat my favorite food in Puerto Princesa.

It happened already!

It could happen again!!!!



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