Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Baby is an Old Man.

The Spirit is willing but the body is not.

Wrigglyboy turned 16 today! I almost forgot it is his birthday.

Corry treated everybody to celebrate his birthday.

But... The birthday boy did not have any.

There were times when I thought that Wriggly was so tired already and wanted to rest in peace.

But then, miracle of miracles.... He would get up and bounce back like a puppy!

He cannot see so well anymore. Sometimes, I would call out his name,

"Wriggly! Here Wriggly Boy!"

And he would just look around... Trying to find the source of that annoying voice.

When I want him to go outside the yard, I would either walk beside him or place my hand in front of his nose.

People often say if you have a senior dog, get a younger dog and the senior will feel rejuvenated.

I did not want to believe it but......

It is so true!

Since I rescued Lizzy....

Wriggly became more active and had more appetite to the point that he would eat Lizzy's food!

I just realized that Wriggly and I both love bone marrow!

Look at the big smiles on our faces!


A couple of years ago... I wrote a prayer to God that I was not ready to let Wriggly go.

But now.... my prayer is...

Dear God,

I am so grateful for giving me a four-legged son. He has brought me so much joy!

He has been with me for more than 1/3 of my life, 16 years.

That is a very long time, more than I could ask for!

When the time comes that you are about to welcome him in heaven, just make it easy for him.

And most especially for me.

I know I have little time left with him so I will make the best of it.

Thank you, dear Lord and please hear my prayers.





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